A brightly lit sign or site helps your customers identify your location from the road and welcomes them to your site with a feeling of safety.  It will also help improve your company's image.  If your site is dim or dark in areas, customers may not see you at all and drive past.


At US Sign and Lighting Service, we provide on-demand sign repair and services at the lowest price possible. We can install, repair and upgrade all of your exterior and interior signs quickly and cost effectively.


Our service trucks are always stocked with an assortment of HO lamps, ballasts, transformers and sign parts for both fluorescent and neon signs.


• Sign Fabrication

• Sign Installation

• Sign Repairs

• Neon Repairs

• LED Sign Repair & Conversions

• Sign Design and Permit Acquisition

• Sign Removals

• Sign Cleaning

• Emergency Service

• Preventative Maintenance

• Face Replacements

• Sign Refurbishing


Sign Fabrication


US Sign and Lighting Service is a full service sign  maker. We produce cabinet signs, channel letter signs, commercial panels and awnings.


Sign Service/Maintenance


US Sign and Lighting Service repairs on a daily basis building signs  and pylon signs. We are experienced with fluorescent, LED and neon signs.


Sign Design & Replacement


US Sign and Lighting Service can reface your sign whether it is to match an original or design a new face with graphics which will attract customers and advertise your massage.


Neon & Formed Plastic Letters


If you would like to brighten or accent your storefront, neon signs and borders attract attention.

If your location is not suitable for an illuminated sign, Formed Plastic Letter can be installed sign; Formed Plastic Letter can be installed in a variety of sizes, colors and fonts.

• Exterior Lighting

• Canopy Lighting

• Parking Lot & Wall Pack Lighting

• Lighting Retrofits

• Interior Lighting

• Re-Lamping Programs

• Lighting Installations

• Energy Saving Solutions

• Lighting Conversions (LED)

• Awning Service

• Emergency Service

• High (rope access service)

• Drive-by Programs (check sign & lighting outages)


Outdoor Lighting (HID)


We service exterior canopy and parking lot lighting.  Our fleet comes stocked with a full array of Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium lamps and replacement kits.  Whether it is replacing the lamp or the entire pole we are capable and efficient.


• Monthly / Quarterly Inspections

• Banner Install

• Awning Service

• Emergency Service

• Interior Lighting

• Drive-by programs

• Rope Access Service

• Inspection & Reporting

• On-Call Service

• Site Surveys






Contact us by phone at 973-305-8900 or by email at sales@ussignservice.com


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